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For over thirty years Drumschool Cleuver, located in the beautiful area of Scheveningen, near to the famous Kurhaus and beach, has been an authority on drum teaching in the Netherlands. Drumschool Cleuver aims at passing on competence, expertise and knowledge on drums & rhythm, music styles, music theory and most importantly, love of music. Drumschool Cleuver offers inspirational private drum lessons to students of all ages and levels, attuned to your needs, musical interests and at your pace.

Drumschool Cleuver, founded in 1982 by Hans Cleuver (8 mei 1947 - 4 maart 2018), former drummer of the famous Dutch group Focus, has grown into a well known and distinguished institution with a high reputation in the Benelux. Dutch top drummers, like Oscar Kraal (Anouk) and Jamie Westland (DI-RECT) and Belgian top drummer Mario Goossens (Trigger Finger) received drum lessons at Drumschool Cleuver.
Since 2009 Richard Moelker, holding a Master's degree in Musicology, University of Utrecht, has been the owner and managing director of the school. 

The Hague is an international oriented city with a very active expat community. Lots of expats found their way to Drumschool Cleuver. We teach children from the French, the German, the British and the International school.
The primary language of instruction is Dutch, English and German.

Opening hours

Drumschool Cleuver is open seven days a week from 9.00 AM till 11.00 PM. 


The duration of a drum lesson is 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

Drum lessons take place on regular basis: weekly, every two weeks or once every months. For those who have unpredictable schedules, especially those working for international companies, Drumschool Cleuver provides drum course packages in which lesson take place by appointment with the respective teacher.


Please note: Single drum lesson are more expensive than drum lessons on regular basis.

Drum class on regular basis
Pupils under 21 years of age:

 One single drum class:

Drum class on regular basis
Adult over 21 years of age*:

One single drum class:

* For students over 21 years 21% VAT is added.


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